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Wednesday, August 02, 2006



So many people 20-30 million in a city
6 million commute by train
rains delay the trains
doubling the crowd in a single train
yoga lessons for free though
forced to stretch the arm above or stand on a single leg

and then we have these terrorists
meticulous planning to bomb the trains when commute is at a peak
sigh! what to do!
I wish i was the US
get the rats out of their hole!

I could have easily been one of them - in the train
yet, i was back to office the very next day with a vigour
people were more determined to get on with life!
f**k the coward terrorists

don't play with my tolerance
if it would come to - its either me or you, you are in trouble
you - the terrorist - scum of the earth

thanks to the ipod, my world is filled with music

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