Its nice to hear yourself for a change

Sunday, June 18, 2006



C ontinuing from Delhi trip,
went to Amritsar, wahe guru (praise the lord) with my brother
quick trip to very warm wagah border
evenings with my gal and her family
and then back to mumbai after a week

Could not wait to come back
purely because of heat in Delhi
even in the eve's it was f***ing 39 C

mumbai was same
crowded, system in chaos, lingering life, usual rut
gmat studies have gathered momentum
more pace and sturdy effort is imperative

usual chatting with my fiancee over the phone
but, its tiring me out, the frequent tiffs, the miscommunication
the courtship has to be endured albeit its f***ingly long

but the best part
my brothers gift to me
a scratch over "one of the 50 things before i die"
he gave me an ipod
he used it in his agonizing long commute
but thought of my long commute and gifted me
bless him god

j'adore music
i have someone to hear when i am lonely
when i am bored
when i am pensive
when i need to be with myself

know what i mean?

Cogito and gormand
have been following your blogs
world cup fever has taken over me
i want italy to win
else england or argentina



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