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Monday, May 08, 2006


Been awhile

Been awhile since I blogged
Plenty to log

Marriage on cards for yours truly
Swept by a fab gal
and me turning silly

Went to goa for few days
but my heart was obviously in Delhi
ate, drank, walked and lazed heartily on the beaches and the pool
Had a good time but
but my heart was obviously in Delhi

Night and the chat with her is what i cherish in a day
Delight for telecom companies
as she and I have lots of say

Then the trip to bangalore
weather is fine but mosquitoes, bad roads, traffic jams, pollution and too much crowd
spoil the show

Then to chennai for cogito's wedding
awesome place
people, food and filter coffee
But then friends folks warmth was all the reason
and now I am a fan of chennai and its people (well friends folks atleast)

Then to jaipur at another friends wedding
extreme heat conditions in north of india tackled easily
but with affluence

And now in Delhi!
Cermonial function with my fab girl done
10th December is the date of our marriage
Am a blessed one indeed
and somebody up there likes me

Hopefully now I can dream with her
and we soar with them while our feet remain in ground

SO many things to do so much to improve
I hope I overcome my inner inertia

Peace and laters


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