Its nice to hear yourself for a change

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Ce que vous faire

call from Chennai
voice seemed like of gormand
caller got 'engaged'
congratulations offered
'will she join him in delhi? **c noida? or will he join her in chennai?' - stupid me asked
**************pause from chennai
and then it stuck me its cogito and he confirmed it is indeed cogito
so another of my friend bites the dust
that leaves gormand and yours truly still bachelors (uneligible notwithstanding)

congrats again cogito, hope this is the best partnership you ever have in life

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


And we have a winner!

Am missing home and my folks more than ever, strangely
That is that and I will go soon

On other hand, world seems full of opinions
Sometimes I would love to shut them up
Economy, stock prices, liquidity, macro factors, people and newspapers have figured them all
At times the articles are of post mortem analysis and at others there is a forecast
the present is hardly highlighted or maybe it is mentioned but not many notice

Bashed again by Pakistan in cricket, the meek response against the crunch time is an old indian cricket adage
Sometimes i feel tired with the long long novel atlas shrugged still not getting finished
oh how boring this has been

Looking forward to the weekend


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