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Sunday, October 30, 2005


Macro tragic

My land, my people
the floods, the worms, the mosquitoes, the fever, the garbage
the bombs, the train mishaps
oh dear
my land, my people

resilience, march on baby
progress sturdy and steady

resolve, no individual
country, the people first
macro tragic always mine
not his or hers but mine

resilience, march on baby
and doubly shine

lovely india,
perennially stuck
of allergies / illness / external burns
resilience, march on baby
and doubly shine


Thursday, October 27, 2005



Chennai and bangalore swept by rain
la mumbai
me tireless, finance world
la mumbai
unaware of rain

week? bygone
work? tons'o'done

pride, a lot
confidence, ever increasing
experience, more time travel

wonderful days
imprinted to memory
o'my joy
my fav day
me tired after tons o work
sleep, few hours
early awake
ready, another tireless day

me at peace
oh i wonder the bliss

the gift of opportunity to live and work
la mumbai and on my own
but not alone

am young,
solitary white hair on my scalp,
tireless eyes hidin behind the screen
and the music my tonic abode

am at peace
abode and today

o i wonder the bliss
the bliss of work?
the bliss of life?
the bliss of opportunity?
la mumbai

next week, eyes brighten
wonderful time
country in rhymes

o i wonder the bliss
and am gratefull

happy deepawali

Thursday, October 13, 2005



Am I weak or allergic?
things from refrigerator pinning tonsils
or was it the rare chilled beer?
spices in water?
or the a/c in office
fanning cold ?

Honey and black pepper I recommend
overnight and dawn I recommend

running nose, sleepy eyes, aching body
but an impending job to do
so no shoddy

I do see more people coughing, hear them
Is it of congestion,
pollution, bad lifestyle, less nutrition
or just plain weather?

Inherited no muscle'ostills
but my mother gave me tonsils


Sunday, October 09, 2005



A typical?
strolling, extravagant dining, movies, leisure commuting
bantering, laughing, thinking,
communicating, learning and musing

Sweating, from?
Crowded train and the shoving
leisure of weekend
boundless energy
eating tit bits aplenty
smiling with friends aplenty
here or there
they are with me at the moment
how i adore the ending week bent

and yet gravely i ponder
blessed is my yonder
as quakes, tsunami, floods, hurricanes occur
and may consume at once
while i flutter

oddity of a sad note
on a leisure weekend!

well have a blast
till it lasts


Thursday, October 06, 2005



Am grateful for a surprise
Or was I expecting more lies

Hike in coins and stature
Am grateful for the present pasture

Improvement across the sector
Nothing special as most got better

Am grateful to be in the same churn
For I felt it was my turn

Another platform! but, I promise
The leap will again arise

And am grateful for my vision seems fulfilling
Or am I getting in mires of life which are not worth many schillings?
Folks - some good news - i got promoted and got a good pay hike in my job



Sunday, October 02, 2005


Taken over

Spams are taking over my blog comments
Email box too have suffered the same spent
Such a naive as I don't often live the present

My thoughts are taken over by the future
Gals, sex and more gals and sex are in my thoughts for sure
I write corny poems and I am so not pure

My progress in the firm dependant
of my managers perception
Oh I am writing crap again
As if I cared of his brain

I study and work for taken overs
While even my life has always been shaken over
and taken over by my whims
Oh my blessings as do i deserve such things?



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