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Tuesday, September 27, 2005



I just turned 28 and instead of recalling another year passed by I analysed of what I am becoming and may become. I am really not in the mood to be philosophical and I prefer to keep my thoughts and battles to myself instead of spilling them out here

The analytical moment was neverthless good.

But yeah, in crux, I would definitely not want to be a typical consumer, i.e wake up, go to office, eat, drink, be merry, earn, pay taxes and consume lots of things. Well upshot is thats what I do, with the endeavour to keep on improve as a better human being. For that is to me - duty towards family, country and humanity. Deep down thats how I feel. But it takes courage to sacrifice and do what you should do. I hope this year I do more meaningful things for which I feel pride within

Besides family and folks, good old friends did greet me and so did friends in office, so that does mean I am not that bad after all! Its been good and I am blessed to have a great family and good bunch of friends

Rest all has been same, friends ribbed me of getting old and to find a girl. Office friends were same, pumping me up and cajoling me (two female friends) to be more upfront with the girls in office. All I would say, I would I would, let me feel a drive within !

On a lighter note, this saturday afternoon I was watching the movie Dil Chahta Hai, well i do like the movie, the cable and internet was not working and I did not feel like reading the book so the movie came in handy. My roomie had his precious afternoon nap spoilt from the voice from my room and he came bashing in "Even if you watch this movie 50 times you won't fall in love!" Hmmmmm, I have surprisingly turned mellow and would have blasted him if I was in Delhi, how I no longer have that short fuse I had there!
Living on your own teaches you things.

In the end, I would request my tarrot reader to refund my Rs 100. She said I would get married soon and would get a strong proposal in September. Alright, two days left still, I dont see a miracle happening! What the crap!


Thursday, September 15, 2005


Back - Mumbai, home?

Home I dare say? Well when most of the mumbaikars will not accept me (as if I care), I do remind them Mumbai is in India and its not the other way around as they think it to be. I surely was missing Mumbai, well actually my office when I was in Delhi. Reason being I simply had nothing to do there! and it was damn damn hot there!!

I got a real cool watch - Sophie Martin Paris brand from my younger brother. What a class my bro is! Thanks again bro, hopefully I will give you something cool too in the future

Rest is same ole crap man, work and water... I mean rains in Mumbai. GOD I know India needs monsoon, but this long in Mumbai?? I am not sure. It was interesting to see the capitulation in New Orleans, hmmm and it was USA!!!

Finally saw Aussies getting beaten by England - Ashes. God, even my cousins in UK are also happy (not one of them can tell you what is a LBW though, mind you)

Saw the movie - Salaam Namaste, 6/10 - average movie i should say

Nothing much new except the same, me having good time generally in office

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys, I am tracking the stock exchange and scripts finally. I guess it was bound to happen with my friends circle of maarwaaris and gujjus, not to mention I am in the punter city - Mumbai!

So long



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