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Monday, August 22, 2005


In Delhi

Yeah, I am in Delhi with my parents. It was refreshing to commute in my dad or my cousin's car on the wide Delhi roads. The markets also seem less crowded, well you could say that after visiting Mumbai. Weather is very hot and humid bit like Mumbai.

On marriage front crap its same as before, square one. I got a rejection at last! So I guess there are smart girls afterall, chuckles. It sure is a good way to say "Sorry, our horoscope does not match", yeah right.

I did like my dad and my uncle's encouragement for me to live in Mumbai and they said this is not your age to look for comforts, etc its the age of your hard work so keep up the good work. My trip to delhi is thus accomplished

Rest the same ole, more milestones to achieve and am glad this marriage thing is going slow. SO much to learn so much to experience and live

Will keep posted

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Lazy as usual in blogging

Yeah, I know I have not posted regularly. Pardon me

Not much happening to account for really except for the Mumbai rains creating havoc, endless time it took to commute to reach the office after the havoc and things have improved but not completely

If I could recall some important highlights affecting yours truly since my last post here would they be:

- Mumbai rains. Exhausted after work since it took 2 hours to reach office and 2 hours more to return. This is what happens if trains do not work in Mumbai
- Got ill and missed office for like 3 days straight in July - had intestine infection. Cause - eating in the finest restaurants of Mumbai including the five star ITC and Spaghetti kitchen - Phoenix Mills
- Lighter note: Saw a tarrot reader. I asked her if I would go to London for further studies, esp LBS like. Her reading of cards said - I will get married very soon and that too in Sep! Whoa! Won't go abroad for further studies and growth in my line of work. Whoa! not another job change I hope, hopefully will get a good review and she meant that progress. Learning a lot here actually
- Internal introspection and realised a bit more of priorities, etc. Usual crap thinking you know. How I wish I was a junkie rock star!
- Some good satisfying assignments at job and me doing good ( I think)
- Feeling more confident of myself at work and at life. Well living on your own definitely teaches you things, oh well I never lacked that anyhow (When you live under illusions you are bound to remain so, laughs!)

So you see I have probably repeated what I have said in earlier blogs.

Well here is a new one- get James Blunt's album, I am sure most of you would like it.

And by the way, FT and Economist rocks!

Promise promise, I will post regularly - weekly too

Gormand, I will be in Delhi, Aug 20-28, lets meet up if you have come back from the UK

Take care folks


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