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Sunday, July 03, 2005


Back to square one

It's back to square one on marriage proposal things. I just did not hear from within for either of them and so I said no. God knows what they saw in me coz they said YES!. I am giving them better life anyhow, since you guys know more about me, i am craaaazy!

Rest of things look good, now how can I say this but things do seem to be falling in places like me focusing on my work, me having the vision of what to do next (hang on, really ? oh well at this point of time!), health keeping good, taking it easy on marriage front, etc

Having lots of fun lately, saw lots of movies as usual. Sarkar is a must see - Powerful stuff, Abhishek career will reach a new high

Rest all is same, office politics (4 gals in one team and myself!) Great challenge. Work is good for now, touchwood. Gaining confidence with each day, lets hope for the best

Spending a lot of quality time with myself. Lovely monsoons here in Mumbai and behind my house, the hills look gorgeous as ever. I have not seen so much rain in my life. Thane rocks!

And oh yeah,, how unique life is, we can only play with the cards we are dealt with

All the best folks, we are blessed

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