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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Getting fast

The past fortnight has been eventful for me. Well for starters I was told that I am indeed an eligible bachelor ! That is with the marriage proposals coming to my family. So this time I gave it a try i.e listened to my folks and did what they asked me to. Well I went to a family for lunch, (the gals brother came to interview me, i guess it was the HR round ! and after I cleared that, the next round came in which was meeting gals folks and herself.

There was no interaction with the gal and frankly I am too shy to go to a family's house for stuff like that. THe end result was some hours spent there, good food taken, good family, gal was nice too, hell i dont find anything wrong with a person unless i interact !!

I cleared this round too and told my folks about the gal. I told them for more interaction, etc

That was that, not sure where it will progress

Next week out of blue while i was engrossed in work, my uncle's email came as a request (though it was more of an order !) to meet a gal coming from delhi for an interview here

This time there was indeed lots of interaction and i give credit to the gal and she felt the same that there should be lots of interaction before one can decide. Alas ! we agreed on this !

I told her the usual crap about myself, basically that i am moody / crappy / have too many ideas in life / ambition crap / etc etc. She did say she will discuss with her mom and let me know

Regarding work, well I am just focussing more on work and its not that easy to work with 4 gals and you the only guy ! I am afraid to say all 4 have egos, particularly when I was given their stuff for correction. On hindsight, my experience is more than any of them, even if you disregard my CA qualification, but i aint going to instill my opinion on them. So focus focus, cool and calm is a key word for me! But the signs are appearing and I sense easy resentment, thats ok, I thrive on challenges and have a long way to go

Went to shirdi this weekend, and on my own, I cant help it if i am more enthusiastic with travelling than my friends, i really dont want to sit at home during weekends! So I intend to see more of LIFE !!!

Saw the movie Mr and Mrs Smith (BORING) is the verdict
Parineeta - well crafted with over dramatic ending - good songs though

The journey to shirdi was good as i was forced to think on certain things (that is spend time with yourself !) while you are sitting in a bus. Faced very large crowd at the place and it was way too hot for my liking

Oh gosh i pray rain, it sure is damn hot in Mumbai !!

There are other things brewing, basically me getting more confident of myself and not overconfident, things do look promising. Hey I have come long way, gimme credit

___Watch this space, even though I am feeling life is moving fast in some way for me


Its the only game where the interviewer and interviewee are both tense..Let me know how many rounds of interview it takes to clear the hurdle.
You are atleast too good, i fail at the aptitude test itself in all my interviews ;)
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