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Friday, May 27, 2005


Update / travel

Oh well I have received enough complaints of my friends to update my blog more regularly so here i go boring them again

Travelling front has been quiet, hell i already travel quiet a bit to the office, don't I ? Takes the elevator from the 4th floor to the ground floor. Walks like 500 m to the shared auto / bus stand. Takes 15-20 mins to the station. Another 50 m of walk to the train or over the bridge or something. 40 mins of travel time in train, probably covers 25-30 kms distance

Again, a KM walk to the office, climbing the bridge , descending to the western side from my central side (dont ask what it means, only a mumbaikar could figure that out, central line of railways / western side of railways !)

Oh not to forget, good cup or should i say a small glass of tea on the roadside by the teavendor

The depart is the same, though my colleague whom i am grateful drops me at Dadar from where i catch the train again, from her car it would be a KM walk again ~

See i did tell you i commute alot already !

Just to give an insight of one of my four female colleagues (god save me !), this one is born and brought up in mumbai, is a tamil brahmin like two of my good friends and was telling me further classification of brahmins in TN, like aiyar / iyengaar - further in aiyar - verma or something

Hell i have no idea which classification do i come in !

Cheers on the lots of travelling

}}}} those who do not travel, read only one page of book of life {{{{{

Saturday, May 14, 2005


May 2005

Hello folks, no I am not going to bore you with my settling in Mumbai sagas this time, instead lets learn more about music, m&a's, sport, etc

Well for starters, i am a fan of the bbc sites, essential music lover would appreciate - has radio, documentaries, reviews, artist profiles / bio's, etc etc - mother of all music sites in a way, covering each genre. Their radio shows are not to miss be it you are a beethoven - ray charles - u2 - britney fan

Again going to business sites, bbc business site covers news a lot lot better than other sites, and believe me, i do tons of reading at job too, well part of my research job and i dont mind as always been hungry for knowledge and stories ! Ofcourse, economist is awesome, and are not behind but they require subscription

Sport site - oh well, i have my homepage set to, now what more can i say ?

I have been quieter recently, not many mumbai trips as its been quiet hot and i feel like chilling at home at weekends, evenings are spent in and around thane with my roomie

Recent movies: Hitch - coming from me, its a very good movie. Will smith was awesome and so was the latin gal, nice butt ofcourse she has !

Sin City - different genre, based on a comic of the same name, pretty gruesome / violent and lot graphic in nature, if you are looking for entertainment you should skip it, unless you are a movie buff like me, who just likes some movies because they are well made or some other crap

Lost in translation - Ok it beats me while oscars went so gaga over it, simple slow movie, nothing special - thats my review

Million Dollar Baby - Well not sure why it did get the best movie award at this years oscars - ofcourse Hillary Swank was awesome again (I thought she was brilliant in Boys dont cry) - the movie was very well made, clint eastwood has his own style, slow paced and you can make out he has made a movie in a relaxed manner, good attention to characters, different story script lines, in fact a good one to mention. For me though if the movie lets say 'moves me' now thats a great movie so i wont say it should have been the best of the last year. I think Aviator was way ahead of it, but anyway i am not an academy member

Jo Bole So Nihaal - besides the sardar jokes, the hot gal sunny deol had, few humorous moments, the movie is an absolute stretch. Serial killer / bomber who cant live without confessing on a sunday and killing the priest the same day ! Oh the more i mention it the more good crap will come out, avoid it folks, but the gal was mmm Yummy to say the least

Music: Not sure how many folks follow indie rock style well thats what i prefer and been doing that since a long time now, dont know somehow got into it from my college days. Try listening to Feeder - Loosing a moment, spiffy band
Doves - Last broadcast(the album) , black and white town, satellites

If you wanna know more of music and m&a's let me know !

On and yes - Man Utd was taken over by Malcom Glazer for approximately £800 million. Check out - for the complete coverage - awesome analysis for the club, the deal, the prospects, dont you love it, bbc being free and they still dish out the best service


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