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Friday, April 29, 2005



I am finally feeling more settled now in Mumbai. After coming and then again starting afresh in a new job, the commute and other struggles seemed more magnified

But now, I am trying to mould myself and revel in the system i.e I leave early for office and catch the train when crowd is less, that leaves the wagon airy for me that i don't feel suffocated since there are not many ppl around you.

Next is how to utilise the travel time, well, pops out the good newspaper called 'Business Standard' and its me reading the paper while standing, one hand holding the paper other the hangar on the celing for support. The newspaper is good and I reach office

Office and work is good.

Food problem is resolving and my health is turning better ( I was sick with sore throat, cold and fever like 2-3 weeks straight !) Never been ill so much if i could remember

By the way, the movie Hitch is really enjoyable, well I like will smith, so it is recommended from me

Its time to concentrate on my vision for gmaat and lets hope for the best


Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Delhi and back

After my initial struggle with work and commutation am beginning to settle down. For starters I realised how 15 minutes early make a difference in life ! Simply said, I catch a train 15 minutes earlier than i used to last week and the crowd is less, though I have to stand for 40 mins straight, I dont mind that as long as it is not jam packed.

Also got used to the queue systems for a shared taxi / auto and I am glad it is existing in Mumbai else it will be like HELL !

I was feeling homesick strangely after 4.5 months in mumbai (i have to give credit to myself, considering i lived away on my own for the first time in life) I found Delhi deserted !! Well looking at people people everywhere in mumbai, delhi seemed deserted

Home food was stupendous, parents as good as ever and happy for me, friends were cool and thus it was lot fun !

During the past month I have been galvinating around Mumbai with my roomie, Nitin with whom now i share a good rappo ! Some places we have seen are (even mumbaikars have not seen places who have been born here):

Versova beach (a shady small beach which gets dark after sunset- perfect for couples cuddling and smooching and etc since there is no lamp post to shine among the shameless)

Gorai beach (good long beach, one of the cleanest in mumbai, has lots of cottages around where you could rent out rooms and do stuff...ahem you know what i mean, its a good place for couples again)

Bandra Bandstand (liked the waves splattering against the rocks, but it is the most shameless beach in mumbai, heaven for couples, not sure what shiv sena is doing when in their own home mumbai is like this)

Ghatkopar (dominated by gujju's, nice babes, i think i find gujju babes attractive somehow, my roomie loved this place, since he adores paani puris and roadside stuff which are plenty available in ghatkopar)

Thane is wonderful, my home, green, big roads, religious, conservative (not many gorgeous babes here i am afraid). It was wonderful to see candle lights , diyas lit around the boundary wall of lake in the evening of gudi padwa (New year for marathis)

Work has been progressing, basic research stuff, am learning it , hopefully doing good

Food still remains a problem, hopefully the problem will be resolved soon


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