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Saturday, March 19, 2005


Lots of changes

Well I never expected to this happen and thats the beauty of life. New job new struggles but I realise things only toughen you up. The new job is me in a research job. That is basic research stuff for Corporate Finance / Business Advisory Services and Transaction Processing Services.

I am a professional so I can't help but being sincere to any job / work. Its definitely different for me as I have had exposure for number crunching more than anything else

What I am slightly struggling at is the commuting. I wake up early now around 6:30 well my eyes open after shutting of the alarm at that time by 7:00. I get ready, prepare some cheese toasts for myself and go for the station by 8:15-8:30. Eventually I will have to leave early since at that time train is less full, and more comfy.

The time I catch the train, there is no place to sit since shrewd folks from Mulund catch the train while it is coming from CST (Shivaji terminal or VT). They settle down with their newspapers and the train comes to Thane which is the last stop coming from CST. The train is also the first stop while going to CST but Mulund folks already have the seats ! Anyhow, its 45 minutes of standing for me in a crowded first class and I reach Parel. I cross the bridge and go to the Elphiston road side. Stand in a queue for a shared taxi to my office. Not to mention I catch a shared auto to the Thane station from my place.

So total commuting time is 1-1.5 hrs max one way. While coming back, only if the train is after 9:30 pm there is lesss crowd and i get a place to sit with less heat. I stand in a queue once again to catch the bus to my place (takes another 15-30 mins)

Yeah I do sound commuting is takign a toll of me, but thinking i have a nice pad here in thane, a hillside view, am settled a bit here, rent is dirt cheap, so taking these factors i am not keen to shift to mumbai. But lets see, as you know life is beautiful for some, so you never know

Its been a real education to live on your own. I miss the home food, the comforts and am feelign home sick now. I think it is but natural, i left home for the first time and its like 5 months away for me. I am leaving to delhi for 4 days the coming thursday

On work fronts, i have the confidence in myself so no worries there

Take care folks

Nope, no girl / sex in life still, gosh i hate it dont you too ? laughs


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