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Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Gormand's visit

I received a phone call at a ghostly 5 am sunday morning 20 Feb '05, from Gormand saying I am standing at this place. It was fortunate that I had not had the binge on sat night so though being half asleep I went and received him. It had been ages since I had woken up this time and so the early morning was refreshing and pleasant.

Gormand's fondness for visiting shirdi while alone was admirable. But I would definitely like to wake him up at 5 am also. We slept while the world was waking up for five hours. Had lunch and then were swindled by a Thane autorickshaw for a trip to a meek hilly place called Yeoor (near Thane). Two autos charged us Rs. 200 for fours of us, not to mention the animated convo he had with us while driving to the place. He mentioned the auto would be in a vertical 90 degree position with the steep climb and if four of us used it, the auto will overturn. I hate to mention that we realised we could have taken the bus instead with a fare of Rs 10 for each. If I would meet the pot bellied auto driver again I will mug the swindler for sure !

Rest of the day was good with Gormand and myself taking long long walk to chowpatti and back, weather was complimentary to our spirits so it was really nice

Cheers to Gormand

Awesome ! Wish I were there , would have completed the " The Three Musketeers " !
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