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Monday, January 17, 2005


Population !

I did travel more than I usually do this weekend. It's fine to travel but to travel in the Mumbai locals is a different matter. Considering the fact, Mumbai is twice as populated as Delhi and one -third in city area it is SIX times densely populated than Delhi. This does explain lots of things.

The city never sleeps as we all know. I was coming back at 5:00 AM from Kurla to Thane, and the vendors were just about to set their stalls in, just about explaining that for some its business and work even at that hour. Considering it was a sunday morning, the train was not empty.
Still the trains and the rush in the locals leave lot lot more to desire. You go to Dadar station and all you see is the clatter of heels on the floor at a quick pace. A Mumbaikar friend said to me, " You talk about 'fast life' in Mumbai than anywhere in India ? Well go and try standing in the Dadar station for a minute ! Thats fast life for you".

I still prefer Mumbai commuting in relation to dodging Delhi traffic by car, since it does not take much of energy to travel in commuting by train (ofcourse if it is not one leg space for you in the train or you are not suffocated to death !)

MTNL launched broadband, but that too is expensive as downloading data will be charged for Rs 2 per MB (once you exceed 500 MB's ) (Ref: 256 kbps for Rs 500 per month - 500 MB data download)

Review of Elaan - Errr money waste ! (I don't dislike movies often but this one bored me to death !) Even Lara dutta's dance sequences in two songs (she looks good as usual by the way) could not interest me. So AVOID AVOID the movie

So still not gone till Marine Drive or Juhu??? There is beautiful Aquarium there in Marine drive just peep into it....

Dadar should be much populated than VT itself, since it is a junction for the Western and Central railway.

Enjoy mumbai....
ha,Amchi Mumbai. I am still in love with those trains and the crowds.I criss-crossed Mumbai in those trains for two years often spending 2-3 hours in a day inside the locals.

Mumbai is real life dude :-)
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