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Monday, January 24, 2005


Da Vinci Code

With no girl in my life or should I say not anyone to bother me much (It's a different matter I bother lots of people) I had not much to do on a saturday evening. So what do I do ? Off I went with another fella to the nearest cinema. This time the movie was ' National Treasure' featuring Nicolas Cage. It was the usual Walt Disney family wholesome movie. With lots of clues leading to a puzzle. It was almost getting itchy with so many clues i.e one clue leading to another clue and so an and so forth

My accomplice suggested me to read Da Vinci code, I have heard of it somewhere but did not pay notice. The book has been selling like hot cakes and my friend suggested me its a thriller. Next day I find out a movie featuring Tom Hanks on it is going to be shot soon in France !

I hope I read the book meantime, but meanwhile so much else to do in life than to read this book. THere is TV, there is pc games, there is music, there is travelling, there is sleeping, there is work. Hell the last one never stops. My struggle for finding a 9 to 5 job goes on but I know its really not in my destiny !

By the way Praveen Babi died living in a sea facing flat. Tragic life, dyin all alone, but then thats how it happens, you live as you dream, alone

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