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Monday, January 24, 2005


Da Vinci Code

With no girl in my life or should I say not anyone to bother me much (It's a different matter I bother lots of people) I had not much to do on a saturday evening. So what do I do ? Off I went with another fella to the nearest cinema. This time the movie was ' National Treasure' featuring Nicolas Cage. It was the usual Walt Disney family wholesome movie. With lots of clues leading to a puzzle. It was almost getting itchy with so many clues i.e one clue leading to another clue and so an and so forth

My accomplice suggested me to read Da Vinci code, I have heard of it somewhere but did not pay notice. The book has been selling like hot cakes and my friend suggested me its a thriller. Next day I find out a movie featuring Tom Hanks on it is going to be shot soon in France !

I hope I read the book meantime, but meanwhile so much else to do in life than to read this book. THere is TV, there is pc games, there is music, there is travelling, there is sleeping, there is work. Hell the last one never stops. My struggle for finding a 9 to 5 job goes on but I know its really not in my destiny !

By the way Praveen Babi died living in a sea facing flat. Tragic life, dyin all alone, but then thats how it happens, you live as you dream, alone

Tuesday, January 18, 2005



Well I have been doing some research on MBA, CFA. I am sure there are other courses which kindle interest. I see myself as building another objective to achieve now. Last time I had this feeling was while doing CA, the self motivation required to study was good while you realised the world is moving on (especially your MBA and engineering friends) and you face the uncertainity if you have passed the examinations of CA or not !

So off I surf in the realms of Business Schools all over the world. And coming to think of it, I thought just being CA was enough !! Jeesh how wrong I was or maybe I am in the current thinking process. But, a man gotta do as he gotta do

Monday, January 17, 2005


Population !

I did travel more than I usually do this weekend. It's fine to travel but to travel in the Mumbai locals is a different matter. Considering the fact, Mumbai is twice as populated as Delhi and one -third in city area it is SIX times densely populated than Delhi. This does explain lots of things.

The city never sleeps as we all know. I was coming back at 5:00 AM from Kurla to Thane, and the vendors were just about to set their stalls in, just about explaining that for some its business and work even at that hour. Considering it was a sunday morning, the train was not empty.
Still the trains and the rush in the locals leave lot lot more to desire. You go to Dadar station and all you see is the clatter of heels on the floor at a quick pace. A Mumbaikar friend said to me, " You talk about 'fast life' in Mumbai than anywhere in India ? Well go and try standing in the Dadar station for a minute ! Thats fast life for you".

I still prefer Mumbai commuting in relation to dodging Delhi traffic by car, since it does not take much of energy to travel in commuting by train (ofcourse if it is not one leg space for you in the train or you are not suffocated to death !)

MTNL launched broadband, but that too is expensive as downloading data will be charged for Rs 2 per MB (once you exceed 500 MB's ) (Ref: 256 kbps for Rs 500 per month - 500 MB data download)

Review of Elaan - Errr money waste ! (I don't dislike movies often but this one bored me to death !) Even Lara dutta's dance sequences in two songs (she looks good as usual by the way) could not interest me. So AVOID AVOID the movie

Monday, January 10, 2005


Movie review Vaada

Sort a time pass movie. Maybe a lift off from a Hollywood thriller (which may be an obscure movie after all). Rampal was good though. Amish Patel if was paid her complete signing amount must have had a good one, since she had no role to play and it was like working in a BPO and passing time daily by surfing the net; Zayed Khan was ham !

Next movie review would be Rog, must admit, it has some nice posters of the South African babe!



One question does bug me now and then, the movie Swades theme. It is so true that younger generation here well yours truly included have a wish to go to the West residing in the corner, centre, wherever of the heart !

But then you do realize what for ? I mean, you are living comfortably already here, ofcourse the roads could be better, the water, the food, the security and safety, the MONEY, the ambience and in general the living life. I guess these maybe some of the ruling factors to decide. There are probably tons of more factors for and against living abroad.

I guess to each his own, best is to be informed and decide!

As for the movie, Swades - good music, Shahrukh for once spoke lot less and acted lot more which was good, actress was of course MMMM



The sensex saw good rise over the last month. Infact it has reached a historical point. But, now it seems on a downslide to me. Though I have no investment in equities yet sensex shit is a good convo passing time !

One guy has made money - the "Sage of Omaha" having the Long term investment policies (probably vault locking long term investing) . I bet there are zillions of impersonators of Warren Buffett.

Another interesting thing would be derivatives and hedge funds trading - trading for the points on index is part of it. Well, I do think sensex will slide down to 6,000 points in a month and by the end of the year it will be 5,000 points. Though my money is where it should be in my POCKET

Monday, January 03, 2005


Change (iii)

Well I have been lazy, frankly I have not had my own pc and it will be here this week. Internet may take another, so my blogging will remain same during this time, i.e I may blog quiet less

The havoc and misery caused by Tsunami has been shocking, I was terrified as my younger bro works in Indonesia, and he did not communicate back atleast a day after the massive earthquake. Thankfully he is safe and sound. But I see sadness looming in our parts of the world. Reminds me of one line - What may take years to build is destroyed overnight. BUILD ANYWAY.

Yeah, anyway is what we should do. Nature is the prevailing force anyhow.

On brighter notes, one of my friends wanted the chick status in Thane, especially my office.

Unfortunately it is not good. I have to admit it has never been good anywhere for me even in Delhi ! I come to realise it may be my luck plus the finance profession ! But then surely some lovelies are in finance !

The closest happening place to my residence is the R Mall which is in Mulund (Mumbai) The crowd is better than Thane folks. The girls ofcourse are not that pretty as in Delhi but they are okish than Thane. Thane seems a village, conservative to the core !

Interesting I read two good books - Liars Poker (Micheal Lewis) and How Geniuses Fail (Rise and fall of Long term Capital Management) It does cover facets of investment banking and are good reads. I for one am more keen on joining an I Bank with the motive to earn money! Well atleast thats what the books portray, I Banks are in for one thing only - MONEY MONEY (Any means !)

But you would say, how surprising ! Well I agree, I am just reming you, that's all

I went to Lonavala for a day with office - not a bad place to visit. I do realise i should travel a lot lot more. 2005 has a resolution for that ! A good observation on going to that place would be lots of "Chikki" shops. It seems the whole economy of town is based on "Chikki". Chikki - is a sweetner - and it is made up of sugarcane, groundnuts (crushed or raw). It is a good item to nibble upon after dinner !

Mumbai visitations have been less as I moved to my place, it is a two bedroom hall kitchen and it is a decent place to live in. I am settling in slowly.

Food is a big problem and i miss home food already. People already say i am getting thin, well i would like my tummy to subside and i loose weight easily anyhow. I am keeping up with fruits to keep my nutrients balanced but I will have to do much more on wholesome food !

Breakfast is usually idli, wada , lunch rice dal, dinner rice , vegetable, roti . Well enough of the silly blog, people blown by tsunami are not getting water !

How people like me are self - centred !

Incidentally I donated Rs 1,000 to PM Relief fund. I hope you do to in any way


Hopefully more blogging in 2005 (another resolve)


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