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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Change (ii)

The office is spent with the research work and the management is illustrious than my preceding one. Atleast its not a lala (proprietor) company where you feel you are under scrutiny for every moment and even an iota of idle time is uncalled for ! But then things turnaround instantaneously in life and I hope this professional attitude of the work place continues to rein in.

Though it really is upto the person to be professional in walks of life !

I have the breakfast, lunch an evening snack and dinner at the canteen, plus it really is not healthy food and sometimes roomie and I go out to have something else than being served. Not much tummy aches uptill now, fingers crossed. Best is to have light food and thats it

The a/c in the office has a mind of its own and so with no adjustable temperature gadget on it, i am left freezing, some colleagues have succumbed to woolen pullovers while I manage by drinkin tea frequently (that does mean more time in the restroom)

First let us know how fertile is ur/nearby office(CHick stats)???? NO problem if AC works or not buddy u will get used to it!!!!
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