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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Change (ii)

The office is spent with the research work and the management is illustrious than my preceding one. Atleast its not a lala (proprietor) company where you feel you are under scrutiny for every moment and even an iota of idle time is uncalled for ! But then things turnaround instantaneously in life and I hope this professional attitude of the work place continues to rein in.

Though it really is upto the person to be professional in walks of life !

I have the breakfast, lunch an evening snack and dinner at the canteen, plus it really is not healthy food and sometimes roomie and I go out to have something else than being served. Not much tummy aches uptill now, fingers crossed. Best is to have light food and thats it

The a/c in the office has a mind of its own and so with no adjustable temperature gadget on it, i am left freezing, some colleagues have succumbed to woolen pullovers while I manage by drinkin tea frequently (that does mean more time in the restroom)

Monday, December 06, 2004


Change (i)

Change seems good so far. What I miss is home food ! The morning begins with my roomie and I descending from our fourth floor situated room in the company guest house for a nice hot ginger tea just behind our office to sagar tea house ( a small tea shop with a proprietor who has a help around). Cost is Rs. 2 per glass, and we go in for two glasses each. The tea sure revs my engine for the day. Incidentally, I am shifting to a rented place this saturday barring completion of legal formalities.

The rest of the time is lumbered to get ready for the office. My roomie studies his religious book on jainism after his bath, I think its a good habit and have been infected to take in a dose of spiritual food myself. So I have commenced to read the geeta everyday after the bath before the breakfast. Those who have read it know its quality. I do recommend the Geeta by Dr S Radhakrishnan our esteemed ex President. The essays and the passages inculcated with the geeta 'shloks' (passages) our awesome !

Well I am posting from office, so its bit easy right now here, will post more on the series of changes for good hopefully


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