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Monday, September 04, 2006



Some folks think before they speak
others blabber and tweak

Blabbering ones think they are witty
but often are shitty

Maybe they love themselves
humour to amuse oneselves

The intention is never to hurt another
but, the blabber is seen as with no bother

The penance is to think twice before speaking
so easy to say, but then old habits are always lurking

A day of sombre and then back again
to the blabber of nonsense again and again

Wednesday, August 02, 2006



So many people 20-30 million in a city
6 million commute by train
rains delay the trains
doubling the crowd in a single train
yoga lessons for free though
forced to stretch the arm above or stand on a single leg

and then we have these terrorists
meticulous planning to bomb the trains when commute is at a peak
sigh! what to do!
I wish i was the US
get the rats out of their hole!

I could have easily been one of them - in the train
yet, i was back to office the very next day with a vigour
people were more determined to get on with life!
f**k the coward terrorists

don't play with my tolerance
if it would come to - its either me or you, you are in trouble
you - the terrorist - scum of the earth

thanks to the ipod, my world is filled with music

Monday, July 10, 2006



They have done it
awesome football
loved every moment
Italia! Italia! Italia!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Semi final

The Azzuri's pipped the Germans
at the last post
A classic encounter
the best match till now
or will the final against France match it?

Saturday, July 01, 2006


Football and me

My love for sport beyond doubt
I would have preferred earning my bread
playing a sport, either of cricket or football
but my economics (country's and family's) paved way for
another career option
a pity

Neverthless, countless hours are spent reading, watching the tv on sport,
analysis, highlights, reruns, discussing with brother and friends
be it office be it home, my world has sport a major role to play
enjoying the world cup for now
a wonderful specatcle
one out of every six earthian witness to it

my sentiments are with the azzuri's
but my heart goes out to the english as they lose
on penalties, yet again
boo! their manager
who did not let the team play as they do naturally
fast, slick, short passes and pressing - premier league game

all set for the semi finals
I hope the germans dont win the whole thing
but then, quoting Gary Lineker
"Football is a game of twenty two men chasing one ball, and in the end the Germans always win"

Sunday, June 18, 2006



C ontinuing from Delhi trip,
went to Amritsar, wahe guru (praise the lord) with my brother
quick trip to very warm wagah border
evenings with my gal and her family
and then back to mumbai after a week

Could not wait to come back
purely because of heat in Delhi
even in the eve's it was f***ing 39 C

mumbai was same
crowded, system in chaos, lingering life, usual rut
gmat studies have gathered momentum
more pace and sturdy effort is imperative

usual chatting with my fiancee over the phone
but, its tiring me out, the frequent tiffs, the miscommunication
the courtship has to be endured albeit its f***ingly long

but the best part
my brothers gift to me
a scratch over "one of the 50 things before i die"
he gave me an ipod
he used it in his agonizing long commute
but thought of my long commute and gifted me
bless him god

j'adore music
i have someone to hear when i am lonely
when i am bored
when i am pensive
when i need to be with myself

know what i mean?

Cogito and gormand
have been following your blogs
world cup fever has taken over me
i want italy to win
else england or argentina


Monday, May 08, 2006


Been awhile

Been awhile since I blogged
Plenty to log

Marriage on cards for yours truly
Swept by a fab gal
and me turning silly

Went to goa for few days
but my heart was obviously in Delhi
ate, drank, walked and lazed heartily on the beaches and the pool
Had a good time but
but my heart was obviously in Delhi

Night and the chat with her is what i cherish in a day
Delight for telecom companies
as she and I have lots of say

Then the trip to bangalore
weather is fine but mosquitoes, bad roads, traffic jams, pollution and too much crowd
spoil the show

Then to chennai for cogito's wedding
awesome place
people, food and filter coffee
But then friends folks warmth was all the reason
and now I am a fan of chennai and its people (well friends folks atleast)

Then to jaipur at another friends wedding
extreme heat conditions in north of india tackled easily
but with affluence

And now in Delhi!
Cermonial function with my fab girl done
10th December is the date of our marriage
Am a blessed one indeed
and somebody up there likes me

Hopefully now I can dream with her
and we soar with them while our feet remain in ground

SO many things to do so much to improve
I hope I overcome my inner inertia

Peace and laters


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